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Richard was awe struck with the results he got...

Jane & Phil,

"I see I already have one signed up under me as a platinum life member - I am gobsmacked.

Richard Wright

And William was extremely happy with his platimum membership...


I see I already have two Platinum Members signed up under me. I am Double gobsmacked". I can't believe that this happened and I have only been a member for one day! I haven't even started promoting yet so obviously the two signups came from your advertising efforts. A lot of sites say they will advertise for you but yours is the only one that kept their promise! Thank you so much.

William LaFrenier

Here's what Howard Walker, Top Recruiter at 1MinuteAds, had to say about Build Referrals...

Jane, Phil and Mike,

You have put together another incredible winner. It took me less than a minute to grasp the enormous value and benefits of the BuildReferrals Power Profits System.

I spent very little time entering my own programs on the site, and even less time entering my ID's for the income earning programs that Jane, Phil and Mike have built into BuildReferrals. With all the resources and promotional tools you provide, I know this site will improve my profits immediately, and help my members improve their profits too.

I love the way I can build a mailing list, get more sales for my programs, use the resources and promotional tools that are provided, and earn those wonderful fast-start bonuses and commissions. Rest assured, I'll be recommending to my entire team to join as pro members so they can take full advantage of this powerful system, so they can grab more targeted traffic, more sign-ups, and more cash than ever before.

Great job.
Howard Walker

And Pedro Sardinha, top recruiter at Free-Ad Depot gave us this glowing report...

Hello Jane, Phil and Mike,

Build Referrals is fabulous... When I entered the site I knew I had to upgrade because I always get the best results from your sites...

Well, I joined and upgraded, followed the resources pages and added my IDīs, all this in few minutes. That was just cool because it was all the time I could spend online in the last few days... But just imagine, I just checked my account, and even before I started promoting I already have 3 direct referrals... Amazing Results!

Thanks and Congrats.
Pedro Sardinha

Click here for even more rave reviews from our satisfied customers and members...

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Michael T Glaspie

Jane Mark

Phil Basten


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